Digital identity

We enable users to create comprehensive versions of their digital identity by combining different data sets including social networks, legal documents, behavioral pattern and transactional data.

Identities you can trust

Each persona and corresponding attributes have veracity score attached to it that quantifies the trustworthiness of that data. We provide flexible settings for calibrating the algorithms that calculate the veracity score.

Full data ownership

Users, regardless if it’s a business or individual, control their own data on our platform. Brontech just insures the integrity of the data with utilization of DLT. When third parties want to access your data they need explicit permission by the data custodian.

Data monetization

We are enabling our users to reclaim, store and capture the value of their data. Monetizing data with MyBron is easy. Users can use the internal data marketplace to earn Brons that can be then exchanged on our digital currency exchange.

We empower our users to capture
every aspect of their digital self.

For individuals

Decentralized digital

With My Bron you can create verifiable digital identity to prove who you are online.

Control your data

Your data is only yours. You have the power to do whatever you want with it. Exchange it, sell it, trade it or keep it safe out of anybody’s reach! It’s yours!

Earn by sharing

Your data has value, why not monetize that? You share your data for free all the time, why not exchange it for something else in return?


For businesses

Verify your users

It is crucial to have the right information on your costumers. We provide quantitative assessment of the digital identities that can be easily integrated within any platform.

One click onboarding

Extract verified data from your users by integrating our login button. Reduce fake accounts and be able to verify your costumers online.

Boost exposure

Reach out to a new audience! Incentivize your customers with the new digital currency The Bron.

My Bron and Brontech are seen in:

Discover the future of digital currency

The point of co-evolution relationship between money and technology.


The New Money

Money, in and of itself, is nothing. It can be a stone, a metal coin, or a piece of paper with a historic figure on it, but the value that people place on it has nothing to do with the physical value of the money. Money as we know it derives its value by being a widely accepted medium of exchange, a uniform unit of measure of value and a storage of wealth. They evolved from being something tangible such as coins, to just being a bits on your bank account; from being backed by a physical asset i.e. gold to just being a representation of a trust in a system. Today, we experience another evolutionary step in creation of money, a currency created by one of the most valuable assets of the 21th century- the data. To see how new money work, sign up here.

Buy Brons

Why buy Brons

There are many reasons to buy Brons on our initial discounted sale. Here are some of them!


Brons are the fuel of the My Bron platform

Using My Bron platform is free. Users can upload their data, browse platform that offer Bron rewards and MyBron login and data sharing options to onboard a platform or share data. However if you (business or individual) want to post an incentive for data sharing or onboarding on the platform you have to buy Brons. You can incentivize your users with as many Brons as you like, but keep in mind that some users may prefer deals that offer more Brons. Think of it as a flexible license to use the My Bron platform and the Bron as kind of a reward to incentivize your users. The Bron is the only currency we accept for purchasing data directly from the users.


The value of the Bron

There is currently limited supply of 1B Brons in circulation. Businesses that want to incentivize users to onboard their services or share data should own Brons to do so. Brontech is distributing the Brons with discounted price on the initial discounted crowdsale that will last for 120 days since launch. Afterwards, interested parties can only buy Brons on the internal exchange platform where the price of the Bron will be set by the free market forces (supply/demand). Holders of Brons can also exchange them for dollars on the internal exchange. Brons do not expire and they can be used at any time after purchase.


Almost no transaction fees

The Brons are managed on the blockchain- a new cutting edge technology that allows secure and decentralized storage of records. The integrity of the blockchain is maintained by a decentralized consensus that offers bank-grade security and a groundbreaking potential for disintermediation at the same time. This ultimately results in almost no cost for value transfers among peers. Using The Bron as a medium of exchange on the My Bron platform will eliminate the expensive fees that are usually attached to transactions and enable instant worldwide value transfer.


Quantification of data value

When people discuss currencies, they tend to think of paper notes (dollars, euros, yens). But, printed money is only one form of currency. Currency is how we create and exchange economic value across geography and through time. Anything that can serve as a medium of exchange may be considered to be a currency and data has the essential characteristics to epitomize one. The Bron ultimately represents a data backed currency and users can earn Brons by sharing their data. The Bron changes its value respectively to volume of data, its potential to be transformed to valuable information and the demand for it.


Printed money is only one form of currency and anything that can serve as a medium of exchange may be considered to be a currency as well. Data has the ultimate characteristics to be one! For example in the digital world data is extremely valuable and almost everyone creates some sort of useful data, hence the creation of the value is decentralized. It is very easy to quantify and transfer data, therefore the conversion from data into digital currency is easy and there is already an infrastructure in place for its seamless and instant transfer across the globe.

The Bron is a native currency of the My Bron platform. It acts as a flexible license for businesses to reward users that are sharing their data. Users can exchange Brons for dollars on the internal My Bron exchange.

The first 120 days, the Brons will be sold on our initial discounted sale where the price is set in accordance to the time of purchase and the quantity of the currency the user has bought. After the sale the price of the Bron is set by free market forces (supply/ demand). Anyone who owns Brons (e.g. users who have purchased Brons on the initial sale or have been incentivized by businesses) can sell their Brons on the My Bron Exchange. On the other hand, anyone who needs Brons (e.g. businesses that want to post an incentive for data sharing or onboarding) will have to buy Brons on the My Bron Exchange.

The first 120 days upon launch, you can only buy Brons from our initial sale. After this period, you can buy Brons on the internal My Bron Exchange.

The My Bron Exchange is an internal feature of the My Bron Platform where users can buy and sell The Bron. The price on the exchange is set similarly as on a traditional exchange by a two-way price quotation that indicates the best price at which The Bron can be sold and bought at a given point in time. The bid price represents the maximum price that a buyer or buyers are willing to pay for The Bron. The ask price represents the minimum price that a seller or sellers are willing to receive for The Bron. A trade or transaction occurs when the buyer and seller agree on the price.

The value of the Bron may be negatively affected by unpleasant occurrences like low demand or hacks. We are working hard to ensure that there is enough demand for the currency and onboard as many users as possible to offer their products and services via the platform. We are trying to take precautionary measures to prevent and mitigate hacks, however these hacks can happen and they might result with negative consequences to the Brons price or the overall stability of the platform.

Buy Brons on our initial sale

To offer Bron rewards via the My Bron Platform you need to have Brons on your account. You can buy Brons on our
initial 120 days sale or afterwards on our internal exchange .

* The Bron price will increase in accordance to the schedule above. In the first 60 days 1 Bron (BRN) will be sold for $ 0.1 (10 cents). Additionally, we also offer discounts on larger quantity of Brons. After the initial sale the Bron price will be regulated by the free market. You can then sell or buy Brons on the platform exchange. All prices are quoted on American dollars (USD). If you have any questions regarding the Bron sale please email us @ .

** Please note that the initial discounted sale is not an initial coin offering (ICO). Brons holders do not have any rights (e.g. equity, voting etc) other than being able to incentivize users via the MyBron platform. We only promote the Bron sale to buyers who wish to use the MyBron platform for its intended purpose. Buying Brons for speculation is highly discouraged.

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